What is Party HELP?2020-03-02T15:03:57+02:00

Party HELP is a natural product, specially formulated to reduce the negative effects of the alcohol in the body. It supports the function and health of the liver, neutralizes the toxins and stimulates the immune system in a natural way. The hangover impairs our work ability, active sports activities and family obligations, therefore our mission is to help all responsible people to have fun without worries how they are going to feel on the next day.

What is the recommended dose and how to take Party HELP?2020-03-02T15:03:37+02:00

Take 3 (three) capsules with water 30 minutes before you start drinking alcohol and 3 (three) more capsules right after the last drink for the evening or in the morning, right after waking up. One package of Party HELP contains 30 hard gelatin capsules, enough for 5 going outs.

What are the ingredients of Party HELP?2020-03-02T15:03:12+02:00

After continuous researches and development by our pharmacists, Party HELP contains specially selected complex of standardized plant extracts containing – ginger, ashvagandha, curcuma, andrographis paniculata, vine tea (dihydromyricetin) and

Milk thistle. The herbs are selected to work together in synchrony and complement each other for maximal efficiency.

Where is Party HELP produced?2020-03-02T15:02:47+02:00

Party HELP is produced and packed in Bulgaria, in a manufacturing facility following the highest standards for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). All product ingredients are obtained from proven sources and quality checked to the last detail.

Will Party HELP prevent alcohol intoxication?2020-03-02T15:02:23+02:00

NO. This product is not aiming to prevent alcohol intoxication, to protect from liver problems as a result of years of alcohol use or be an excuse for abuse. Although the product reduces the symptoms and consequences of hangover, no miracles can be expected after alcohol abuse. Please, use alcohol reasonably and with measure!

Can I use Party HELP, if I take medications prescribed by a doctor?2020-03-02T15:01:58+02:00

If you take any medications prescribed by a doctor or you suffer from another medical problem, please, consult your doctor before you use this nutritional supplement!

Are there any side effects of Party HELP?2020-03-02T15:01:36+02:00

Party HELP has natural composition and if taken as instructed, it would not have any negative effects. Nevertheless every person is different and if you feel any discomfort, please discontinue taking it and consult your doctor.

Can I take Party HELP, if I am pregnant?2020-03-02T15:01:13+02:00

First and foremost, you should not drink alcohol if you are pregnant! Seek competent advice from your doctor if you have decided to drink alcohol or to take our product!

How can I order Party HELP?2020-03-02T15:00:47+02:00

At the current moment we sell Party HELP as retail only in Bulgaria. If you have interest in our product you can contact us for inquiries.